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Tree Removal Process Outline

  1. Identify a problem tree and call Tidy Tree Trimming for a solution.
  2. Communicate with our office so we can obtain your contact information and the tree location address.
  3. Our company representative will contact you and review your tree problems.
  4. You will receive a proposal for the removal of your tree using our revolutionary Tree B Gone® removal system.
  5. Sign and return the proposal for Tidy Tree Trimming to begin the production process and job scheduling.
  6. You will receive notification of your scheduled day and time for the on-site tree removal process.
  7. Schedule time to be on the job to witness the Tree B Gone® system in action. (Our clients say it's very impressive to watch the professional team work and have your camera ready to take pictures)
  8. Within an hour or two the tree is completely removed and the stump is ground out allowing for a new tree to be planted in it's place.
  9. Now tell a friend, neighbor or a relative what a great experience it was to have your tree removed by Tidy Tree Trimming and the Tree B Gone® tree removal system.


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