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Licensed • Bonded • Insured
Arizona Licensed Contractor
ROC 154415

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Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor with verifiable credentials and a proven trouble free work history for your assurance and peace of mind.

QUESTION: Does a tree removal or tree trimming service company need to be licensed?

ANSWER: Yes, if the cost is over $750.00, and the company is altering the landscape by removing a large tree and excavating the stump.

QUESTION: Why should I hire only licensed contractors?

ANSWER: Licensed contractors are regulated by the state of Arizona and are held accountable to higher standards of ethical and fair business practices. Their license can be revoked for unsatisfactory business activity, and can be ordered to cease and desist conducting business.

QUESTION: What would happen if I did not hire a licensed contractor?

ANSWER: If the job went well, then nothing. On the other hand if there were problems such as damage to you property or uncompleted work, then getting the company to fix or repair may be a long drawn out process. Often the company attempts to repair or make it right but falls short of your expectations and could be unwilling to follow through to your complete satisfaction. When this happens what else can you do. Whom do you have take responsibility for their lack of professionalism?

QUESTION: Does the tree service company’s insurance cover damage to my property?

ANSWER: Yes, but you must have their insurance carriers name and phone number to contact them. This is a long drawn out process that consumes your time and can be very frustrating to get the problem resolved.

QUESTION: Simply put what is the difference between a licensed contactor and an unlicensed company?

ANSWER: Two parts, number one, a licensed company has put their company on notice. They have volunteered to operate in an exposed and professional manner. They are under the watchful eye of the States Regulatory Commission and can be forced out of business and possibly fined or arrested if they continue to operate in a criminal manner. You as a consumer have rights to file complaints and have the State take action on your behalf to enforce compliance of good business practice and, if not followed by the contractor their bond may be used to recover costs to make repairs or complete your job at no cost to you.

Number two, by not hiring a licensed contractor your have no recourse. Any damage, unsatisfactory, or uncompleted work would have to be dealt with between you and the company. The company may just walk off the job and leave, they have nothing to lose and no governing agency to enforce them to comply with good business practices. Is a slightly lower price really worth the headache and hassle if something goes wrong? It’s risky. Why take a chance by hiring a potential problem?

For further information on our company "click" on the link below to enter the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) web site. To view a report on our company.


To lookup other companies to see if they are properly licensed to do business in the state of Arizona, use the link below. You mat want to add this site to your favorites so you can look up any contractor in the future or check to see which companies are licensed.


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