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Arizona Licensed Contractor
ROC 154415

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BBB Member in Good Standing

Tidy Tree Trimming is Better Business Bureau member in good standing with no complaints in over fifteen years.

For further information from the Better Business Bureau "Click" on the link below to view a report on our company. After viewing our report use the BBB site to look up any other company by following the menus on the BBB site.


Beware of Companies who:

  • Offer a fast, cheap job "if you act now"!
  • Offer to undercut the competitors bid up front by 10%, 15% or more.
  • Request money up front to start the job or ask for a down payment to secure their price. (Financially solvent and professional companies do not require you to cash flow their job, but they do expect to be paid on completion of a job well done.)
  • Offer "photocopies" of insurance certificates or verbally state they are properly licensed and insured instead of requesting official certificates to be mailed directly from the insurance company to your home or office.
  • Are not licensed or certified for the work they are contracting to do.

Hiring a Tree Service Company is similar to hiring other contractors like plumbers, roofers, carpenter and electricians. Once the work has been performed, correcting errors can be difficult and sometimes impossible when trees have been improperly pruned by a non-professional service. Hiring a licensed contractor with verified credentials provides additional assurances that the job will be done professionally. Knowing the correct pruning standards, specifications and terminology will give you a better understanding of what you need to know. This will enable you make a better judgment and to decide which company will provide you with the best value for your time and money.

Remember; preventing a disaster before it occurs is much simpler than correcting one that has occurred!

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